C14H10O9 + 2H2O

Och, winter is coming and I am stressing you with chemical formulas, right?

Ok, what stands in the title is the formula of the….tannin!

Let’s end this torture. Tannin is tannin in all languages, we talk about here:

German say: Tannine

Italians: tannini

Hungarians: tannin (to be exact, they also say “csersav”, but if in wine terminology I would go with tannin)

Pronounce as you are used to and offer your guests a good, structured red, just to be sure, they get it!

Have a great start of the week, folks, in these cold days there is nothing better to keep your souls warm than a good wine with a lot of tannins.

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computational linguist aaaand translator, obsessed with the interculturality and Europe.

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