Die happy for a good cause celebrate Mr. Yeast at Halloween!

Och, the Dom Perignon! And Dom Perignon himself. The monk, who should be sanctified! A monk, who knew his way to keep the unwanted bubbles in the bottle. (You should notice, a bottle of Champagne is under 6 bar pressure – your car’s tire around under 2,5 bar – and even so, if you open a bottle, the bubbles come up so smoothly, so persistent, it is an art!) Do you know how to get traditionally bubbles into the wine?

It is Mr. Yeast, who after being added into a bottle of still wine starts eating the also added sugar, transforming it into three things: carbon-dioxide – aka: bubbles – alkohol and heat. While eating, his only goal is to reproduce. Bubbles are actually only the side-effects of his eating an reproducing.

Och, lucky Mr. Yeast, who lives to reproduce himself and at the end of his life dies in a bottle of wine…

Since the region of Champagne keeps for himself the most famous denomination for this bubbly wine, let us see, how you say sparkling in the different languages:

Italians use spumante:

Germans say Sekt

Hungarians pezsgő

Ach, by the way: Dom Perignon doesn’t need translation:

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computational linguist aaaand translator, obsessed with the interculturality and Europe.

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